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We are offering a business catalogue with your brand name and contact details, for only $0.5 per catalogue, in which prices are approx 60% higher and if you like to make a Catalogue according to your requirements then we can make 500 catalogues in $275 only. You can even buy a one top from our website, just choose your item and then select the color and size so that you can build your sample stock to show to your potential customers. We are offering Neutral labels(1% of the order amount) or your Brand labels($100 one time+2% of order amount) Please note that once you receive an order from your customer on your website, then you have to place that order on our website.


How to Start
Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell products without having a physical store and inventory. As you will only have to take orders from customers and than you will place order with us, the billing address would be yours and the shipping address would be of your customer, and in customer notes section you have to mention ‘Process order with Blank Labels, Drop Ship Order’ and make sure to pay drop ship charge $2 through category “Payment for extra Services” and we will ship your order on your behalf to your customers. This means that with us you can start your business immediately (online or physical both)


We can make your website for only $199 with 250 products and additional products will cost you $3 per product. Hosting fee $8.99 monthly. From the second year onward you would only have to pay $8.99 monthly hosting fee (hosting fee charged on annual basis) You can buy a domain name from , we suggest you make a domain name with your brand name with a local area name e.g WWW.YOURNAMESCRUBSMIAMI.COM . as this will give confidence to you customers that you are present nearby and they can get in touch with you whenever needed. If you take a name with a local area then we can help you run Google Adwords to attract potential customers.


After receiving your company catalogue and scrub samples, take a proactive approach by engaging with Nursing Homes, Physical Therapy Clinics, Chiropractic Clinics, Occupational Therapy Clinics, Caregivers, Dental Offices, Veterinary Clinics, and Laboratories that require specific types of medical scrubs. Approach Nursing institutes, Medical Colleges and see what scrubs they are using so that accordingly you can offer and if their style we are not offering, than let us know their style so that we can make a sample and send it to you so that you can show it to them, you can also offer them discounts so more they buy the more they will save. You can also offer them to make a fully functional website in their name so that their students can buy from that website which will give some extra cash for them. Also offer personalised options for LOGOS AND TEXT. Logos can be placed on one side of the Top and three lines of text can be on the other side, first line as name, second line department name, and third line institute name, logos can also be offered on the sleeves and at back also. Our scrubs are available in a wide range of vibrant colors, prints, and styles, including 37 solid colors in Poplin, 18 colors in Microfiber, 7 colors in Stretchable fabric, and 6 colors in Memory Fabric and around 50 prints. We offer sizes ranging from XXS to 12XL. HOSPITALS AND BIG INSTITUTIONS Where Nursing or Healthcare Staff have to buy scrubs on their own, you can get in touch with their Institution to make arrangements where you can display your items at a particular date and time. For which Institute will inform their staff in advance through notice boards, pamphlets and banners. On the day staff will be able to purchase scrubs through cash or through vouchers. They will not have to pay at that time and these vouchers will be credited to you by institution, which will be adjusted by institution from their uniform allowance or from salary Another strategy is to sell medical scrubs at medical conferences, workshops, exhibitions and seminars attended by healthcare professionals. UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES In Universities and Colleges where students have to buy themselves, in order to give them best uniforms at lowest prices you can get permission from their Institution for display of banners and flyers at notice boards for new batches informing them they can purchase from your website. Further you can contact the University bookshop so that they can sell your scrubs with neutral labels in their shop. EMBROIDERY AND SCREEN PRINTING SHOPS Customers needing scrubs with logos usually contacted these businesses. Get in touch with them to offer your products with our discounts so that when they need scrubs they can order from you. SMALL BUSINESSES Additionally, reach out to small Stores and Shop Owners, Small Departmental Stores, Medical Stores and Chemists, Fast Food and Coffee Shops, Gas Filling Stations, and offer your products with neutral labels, so that if they like to sell they can sell in their shops. You can also look for places where either them or you can put a standing rack and can display/sell your products You can also Visit Flea markets and Swap Meets to see if you can find someone who can sell your scrubs.