No Minimum Order Amount. Resell Our Scrubs with Your Brand Name.

Bulk Scrubs

Incredible Bulk Order Discounts Available for Store Owners / Resellers / Supplying Through Tenders / Institutes / Universities / Colleges / School / Government organizations

Tender Participants and Uniform Suppliers

We offer exclusive discounts for those who participate in Government and Institutions Tenders If you engage in tender processes with government departments and institutions, RMF Scrubs has an exclusive offer for you. Our scrubs come with the option of neutral or your brand label, neutral label meaning our label will not be on the garment so that your customer always comes to you not to us. We guarantee firm prices for tender participants. Before submitting a Tender, contact us through email, give your requirement and get our quotation. After receiving our quotation, submit your tender and if successful, book your order via email, referencing the quotation. Your shipment will be delivered as per the committed schedule in our quotation. Whether you are a uniform supplier, wholesaler or distributor, we are capable of catering bulk order supplies to Government Organisations, Institutes and Chain of Departmental Stores. At RMF Scrubs we make it very easy to order from us, no registration requirement, low minimum order amount of $450 only.

Styles and Customization

Our scrubs are available in a wide range of vibrant colors, prints, and styles, including 37 solid colors in Poplin, 18 colors in Microfiber, 7 colors in Stretchable fabric, and 6 colors in Memory Fabric and around 50 prints. We offer sizes ranging from XXS to 12XL. If your required Style is not available on our Website, no problem. Just email us your requirements and we will respond immediately. Our Scrubs come in no pocket to 3 pockets Tops and 6 pockets Bottom.


We provide custom digital prints, embroidered logos, and texts tailored to your unique specifications. Digital Print only 2$, Embroidered Logo only 3$ with no setup charges. You can save if you purchase logos in bulk.


We offer the option to purchase Neutral Labels (1% of the order amount) or Your Brand Labels ($100 one-time fee + 2% of the order amount) for our scrubs, allowing you or your customers to sell them with your brand name. Additionally, we provide a business catalogue with your brand name and contact details for only $0.5 per catalogue, featuring prices that are approximately 60% higher. If you prefer to create a catalogue of your own based on your specific requirements that you can submit with Tender Documents, we can produce 500 catalogues for just $275.


Our Delivery Schedules are flexible to meet customer requirements. Regular Delivery. Dispatch will be in 4-7 days Rush Delivery( 8$ extra). Dispatch will be in 3-4 days Super Rush Delivery(12$ extra). Dispatch will be in 1-2 days

Quality with Affordability

Our scrub uniform prices are not only the lowest in the industry, but our products are the highest quality. Poplin Fabric (65% Polyester-35%cotton), Stretchable Fabric (63 % Polyester, 35% Cotton and 2% Spandex), Microfiber Fabric (100% Polyester). Our low cost scrubs are suited to businesses of all sizes. So if you are looking for affordable, cheap but high quality wholesale Nursing Uniforms and Scrubs then you have come to the right place. Prices are as low as Poplin Set 8.25$ Top 4.49$ Bottom 5.75$ Stretchable Set 13.99$ Top 7.25$ Bottom 8.75$ MIcrofiber Set 10.50$ Top 4.99 Bottom 6.10$ Jogger Pant Poplin 6.75$ Jogger Pant Stretchable 10.75$ Jogger Pant Microfiber 7.99$

Business Segments

As a bulk order supplier, we have been catering the needs of following market segments for 30 years. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes Fast Food Chains, Hotels and Resorts Facial Clinics and Spa industry, Industrial and manufacturing facilities, including those in the food and beverage industry Educational institutions, including schools and universities with healthcare programs Retail stores that specialize in healthcare or beauty products Cleaners and Janitors Barbers and Skin Care Clinics