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Please note we are offering business catalog for $0.5 each, on the cover page of your business catalog your company information would be printed, so that when you give that catalog to your customer, your customer will alway come to place order with you. Inside the catalog prices are approx 60% higher than prices on our website, so 60% would be your profit.

Place order for your business catalog HERE

We are offering Neutral Label on the scrubs for which we charge 1% of the order amount (White label with only care instructions and size, no brand name on it), so that your customers do not get to know about our brand.  

You can get Logo embroidery/Text embroidery. Each logo or text embroidery is for $3, and both for $5.

We also offer drop shipping service, drop ship charge is $2 per order

we are also offering personalization meaning product will be made according to your customer requirement, by providing customer products according to their measurements will make them your permanent customer as customer loves getting fitted garments.  When ever you buy for your shop than make sure that you buy all products of one color at one time as when you buy again than there will be different dye lot, because of which color will not be matching.

In order to start, you simply have to go on our website and place an order. On our retail website www.rmfscrubs.com there is no minimum order amount, you can even buy a single item first.


Click Here to Order your fully functional e-commerce website

Please note that we are offering your own website development for only $199 (one time payment), and hosting fee $8.99 monthly. From the second year onward you would only have to pay $8.99 monthly hosting fee (hosting fee charged on annual basis)

250 products will be added to your website Free of charge (you will provide us list of products to be added), up charge for uploading of additional product would be $1 per product.

Please note that once you receive order from your customer on your website, then you have to place that order on our website, the billing address would be yours and the shipping address would be of your customer, and in customer notes section you have to mention ‘Process order with Blank Labels, Drop Ship Order’

In order to get started with your website development, kindly inform us the domain name for your website. If you have still not got your domain name than you can get if from https://godaddy.com 

If you already have a website, then you can download our products from here to upload on your website; 

Click Here to Download Product Images

Click Here to Download Products List and Prices

Click Here to Download Catalog without Prices

For any other queries feel free to contact us at info@rmfscrubs.com