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You can sell our products to your customers (retail or online) and once your customers place order with you, you can place order with us and once order is placed you can send us an e-mail at info@rmfscrubs.com letting us know that order is drop ship and we have to ship it on your behalf and with neutral label against an charge of $2 per order only.

Please note that we are offering Neutral label (No RMF label) on up charge of 1% of the order amount or $1 which ever is more and Buyer label on up charge of 2% of the order amount or $2 which ever is more and first time buyer label set us fee is $15 only.

For more information on Starting Your Own Business kindly visit https://www.rmfscrubs.com/Start-Your-Own-Business.html



Revolutionize Your Dropshipping Venture with RMF Scrubs!


Welcome to a new era in medical apparel with RMF Scrubs, where comfort, style, and durability seamlessly converge. Elevate your business and make a lasting impact on the medical apparel market by partnering with us. Join forces and effortlessly dropship our premium scrubs directly to institutions and hospitals in your locality.


Key Features of Partnering with RMF Scrubs:


1. Versatile Product Range in Solid, Stretchable and Printed Fabrics:

   - Explore our extensive product range, including scrubs in Poplin, Stretchable, Microfiber, Printed, Disposable, Canvas, and Denim fabrics.with a palette of 37 colors and more than 50 prints to choose from, our scrubs offer versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Wide Range of Sizes and Styles:

   - Choose from a diverse range of sizes and styles to cater to the specific needs of your institute and team. Our scrubs are available in various sizes  from XXS to 12XL, ensuring a perfect fit for every member of your staff.


2. Effortless Dropshipping:

   - Simplify your operations by entrusting us with inventory and fulfillment management.

   - Focus on business growth while we ensure a seamless customer experience.

   - Ensure timely and reliable delivery of RMF Scrubs directly to healthcare institutions and hospitals in your local area.


3. Global Quality, Local Appeal:

   - Leverage the global recognition of RMF Scrubs for quality.

   - Partner with us to elevate your brand's reputation and exceed customer expectations in your local market.


4. Exclusive Perks:

   - Enjoy competitive wholesale pricing to maximize your profit margins.

   - Receive real-time updates on product availability and promotions.

   - Access dedicated support and marketing resources tailored for our esteemed drop shipping partners.

   - As a drop shipper, eliminate the need for inventory investment; we manage stock and shipping logistics, enabling you to focus on sales and customer satisfaction.


5. Customized Web Development:

   - Maximize your online presence with a fully functional website tailored to your business. Our web development solutions seamlessly integrate with your operations.

   - Benefit from a user-friendly shopping cart, professional design, and customization options.


Hosting and Domain Assistance:

   - Opt for hosting with web development for hassle-free maintenance, where we take care of all updates and modifications.

   - Domain purchase assistance is available for seamless integration with your business.

   - Order Fulfillment: Once you receive an order on your website, place it on our platform. Billing address is yours, shipping address is your customer's. Mention 'Process order with Blank Labels, Drop Ship Order' in customer notes.


6. Join Us Today:

   - Ready to redefine excellence in medical apparel? Elevate your dropshipping business to new heights!

   - Reach out to us to express your interest in becoming a dropshipper for RMF Scrubs.

   - Our team is ready to guide you through the seamless process of setting up your account and initiating a successful partnership.


Transform your dropshipping experience with RMF Scrubs and be a part of redefining the landscape of medical apparel. Elevate your business – contact us today!




Website Development and Assistance:


Our expert team will develop a fully functional website tailored to your business, allowing you to start selling immediately upon handover. Our friendly customer support team is ready to address all your concerns and queries. Add your own products and images or request any modifications to the website; we'll handle it all. Initially 225 products will be added to your website by us. For product addition we charge $1 per product.

We recommend purchasing hosting with web development for hassle-free maintenance, ensuring a seamless experience. If you haven't purchased a domain, worry not—we can handle that for you. If you already have a domain, simply mention it in the customer notes section during order placement, along with your GoDaddy account details.


Note: Once you receive an order on your website, place it on our platform with your billing address and your customer's shipping address. Include 'Process order with Blank Labels, Drop Ship Order' in the customer notes section.


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